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With intense competition for compliance talent, pharma companies must look out for new and smarter ways for risk management and to meet regulatory compliance

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The Physician Payments Sunshine Act (2010) requires manufacturers of drugs,
medical devices, and biotech companies, who are part of the U.S Federal Health Care program to track and report certain payments and items of value given to U.S physicians and teaching hospitals. The aim is to increase the transparency of financial relationships between health care providers and pharmaceutical manufacturers and uncover the potential conflicts of interest.


  • To effectively comply with these regulations, manufacturers are required to bring in data from potentially a wide range of sources, consolidate it, and remove discrepancies.
  • Life Sciences companies often lack an enterprise-wide view of risks associated with compliance. The vast majority of compliance professionals still rely on manual reporting systems, which depends on complex, resource intensive, and time-consuming processes.
  • In past, transparency reporting has been managed as a single project by focusing on a perfect report, however that approach has faced various road blocks and has a tendency to cost up to 5 times more than required.
  • Despite the increasing complexity of emerging compliance framework, the cost of non-compliance appears to outweigh the cost associated in meeting the compliance challenge owing to possible reputational damage, regulatory fines, and the impact on patients.

our approach

qordata offers comprehensive solution to your compliance challenges. qordata helps pharmaceutical companies create a holistic compliance framework, supported by built-in software components, to facilitate Pharma companions full comply with regulatory needs and meet their disclosure requirements at the both Federal and State level by making timely and accurate disclosure.

Our compliance and transparency solution for US Sunshine Act is build-upon advanced analytics tools for risk mitigation and a fully-integrated compliance framework for a smooth and swift resolution of your compliance challenges.

Our mission is to provide cutting edge solution to life sciences companies through strategic consulting, business process optimizations, and innovative technology solutions. By working with us, you can transform your compliance activity from an expense bearing activity to something that delivers value and sustainable competitive advantage for your organization.

how we add value to your business

Our expertise in implementing integrative business solutions for compliance and risk management across United States and Europe enables us to understand that transparency has to be managed as a more robust and granular program – addressing risky components at an earlier stage and bringing the right support from within the organization. Our solutions add value by bringing you the best of the following:

  • Legal Expertise
  • Technological Proficiency
  • Life Sciences Consulting Experience

We put together the essential ingredients of a successful compliance solution to provide you the state-of-the-art risk intelligence and smart compliance solution.

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  • "Pioneering Business Intelligence for the Pharma Sector"

    CIO Review
    CIO Review
  • "qordata comes in with a portal that organizes the data by physician, specialty, originating payer, geography and time…. qordata offers customized analytics solutions on top of the data"

    Pharmaceutical Commerce
    Pharmaceutical Commerce
  • "Open Payments Analytics provides new insight into the reams of physician payment data that, due to the shear file size, has so far been near impossible to achieve."

    Policy and Medicine
    Policy and Medicine
  • "It was indeed a great webinar you hosted. And it is perfect that you also provide a recorded edition, Best wishes."

    Jonas Duborn
    Jonas DubornGlobal Healthcare Compliance Manager, Sobi
  • "I think your webinar was good. Both the presenters demonstrated meaningful metrics and explained their value, especially tying in metrics to ‘real life’ examples of pending DoJ action"

    Paul Steele
    Paul SteeleDirector, Transparency Reporting - Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc.

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