Webinar: Making Analytics Work at Merck USA


1st March, 2017


11:00am – 12:00pm EST

The journey between understanding the compliance requirements behind CMS Submission, and integrating that with Merck’s internal systems resulted in a successful intersection of technology, legal and sales. Learn how Ms. Derosa and Mr. Timer took a global challenge and turned it into a success story for Merck USA and its counterparts across the world.


Wendy Derosa

Wendy Derosa
Associate Director, Data Analytics and Transparency, Merck USA

Bryan Timer

Bryan Timer
Associate Director, Data Analytics & Transparency, Merck USA

Co-Speaker & Moderator

Mohammad Ovais

Mohammad Ovais
Founder & CEO at qordata


Takeaway From This Webinar:

  • Acquire insights into how technology integrated with sales, compliance and operations can assist in timely identification of data errors
  • Learn about tools and resources that assist in formulating sophisticated compliance programs
  • Acquire detailed information about how data analytics helped Merck USA with its compliance efforts


  • Challenges of introducing an internal compliance reporting mechanism in a multi-market organization like Merck
  • Integrating technology with sales, operations and compliances for timely identification and redress of data errors
  • Transition from basic internal reporting to a culture of advanced spend analytics
  • Tools and resources for enhancing compliance program

Who Should Attend?

Decision makers responsible for designing and executing internal compliance structures, within the realm of the global Compliance, Technology, Internal Audit and Marketing C-Suite are encouraged to attend. Life Sciences Industry participants seeking solutions to program challenges will benefit from the compliance-analytics experience at Merck USA.

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