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Using Data Analysis For Business & Compliance Monitoring
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Making Analytics Work At Merck USA

Making Analytics Work at Merck USA

Speakers: Wendy Derosa, Bryan Timer & Mohammad Ovais

Using Analytics for Pre-Submission Spend Review

Using Analytics for Pre-Submission Spend Review

Speakers: Paul Steele & Mohammad Ovais

EFPIA Disclosure & Consent Management

EFPIA Disclosure and Consent Management

Speakers: Elisabeth Kohoutec, Brian P. Sharkey & Ned Mumtaz

EFPIA Implementation and Analysis of Data

Speakers: Dario Ghoddousi & Ned Mumtaz

Making the EFPIA physician spend numbers talk!

Speakers: Ned Mumtaz & Zafar Ahmed

Do’s and Don’ts of Consent Management in EU

Speakers: Maite Vazquez Calo & Ned Mumtaz

Retrospect and Looking Forward

Speakers: Thomas Sullivan & Zafar Ahmed


Next Generation Compliance: Using Analytics to Reduce Compliance Risk

Speakers: Benjamin Yao, Kelly Tope & Mohammad Ovais

EFPIA Disclosure – Rights and Requirements to Consent Management

Speakers: Ulf H. Grundmann, Elisabeth Kohoutek, Ned Mumtaz & Thomas Sullivan

Managing the Risk of Open Payments – Validate Spend Report before CMS Subission

Speakers: Ned Mumtaz & Brian A. Dahl
Moderator: Thomas Sullivan

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