Open Payments Analytics

Integrate analytics & Improve Compliance Effectiveness.

Top 5 reasons to use qordata Open Payment Analytics:

  • Make data and analytics a foundation of your compliance program
  • Identify prescribing patterns, payment trends and draw conclusions
  • Identify potential kickback, off-label promotion, conflicts of interest and errors in reporting
  • Correct, remedy and combat fraud in your companies utilizing Open Payments data
  • Independently test the correctness of your “transparency” data PRIOR to federal, state and or CIA reporting.

Features & Benefits

  • Pre-built compliance dashboards
  • All of CMS data for 3 years plus your internal data sets available in single dashboard/report
  • Works with all Aggregate spend vendors (Medispend, Polaris, Veeva, Huron, Medpro)
  • Create your own reports and dashboards
  • Spot outliers – never miss-classify transactions
  • Provide metrics and visuals to your executives and peers
  • Easy sign-up – get up and running in a day
  • Augment your aggregate spend toolsets with the power of visual analytics
  • Open payments data with available Medicare Part D
  • Geographical / State Level compliance
  • Benchmarking against competitors
  • Identify appropriate key opinion leaders for consulting needs

Are you able to organizationally integrate Data analytics to your compliance department?

qordata’s Open Payment Analytics is a next generation compliance analytics software built on CMS Open Payments Data. The platform provides two perspectives to improve your compliance program: “retrospective” focusing on previously publically disclosed data (e.g.,2013, 2014, 2015) and “prospective” working with internal or pre-disclosed data (e.g., 2016).

Our platform helps your compliance team become more effective in reducing compliance risk, easy to operationalize analytics within compliance departments and configurable for company specific compliance policies and reports.  You can now enable your compliance team to contribute more to strategy and build compliance and transparency champions in business units.

Not only that…Your company can now capitalize on their open payments data by identifying spending patterns, trends, and possible anomalies.

Find out more below what are some of the great things you can do with qordata Open Payments Analytics:

Key Differentiators

HCP engagement across industry – KOL tiering

Identify outliers based on benchmarks and business rules

Train compliance officers using analytics on how to promptly and thoroughly investigate suspected wrongdoings.

Competitor bench-marking and analysis


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systematic resolution of your business problems.

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