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Competitor Spend Analytics:
Yours to See, Dissect and Decide.

This is a product with customized solutions for Marketing Professionals in North America and the EFPIA Region. Use Market Vision to make instant comparisons, see trend lines, and monitor competitor spend behavior in the Pharmaceutical Competitive Space. This solution has insights on the amount, frequency and forms of funding physicians have received. Learn what—and how– other pharmaceutical manufacturers are investing in. With Market Vision’s analyses, drill-ups and drill-downs, you can get all your answers now

360 Degree View

360 Degree View

Market Planning is about decisive action based onvalidatedinsights. Conduct horizontal and vertical data analysis by R&D Spend, Geographical Spend Distribution and Specialty. Establish FMV with data on your side. Identify top Physicians and Teaching Hospitals by spend, specialty, territory and performance. EU/EFPIA clients can also analyze Physician Data by Consent Rates and the results of aggregate data before and after consent.

Precise And Predictive

With data collected and validated with the most powerful tools in the industry, your Marketing Spend Decisions can proceed with confidence. Trend analyses help with housekeeping, identifying areas and individuals of top performance, and flagging the low-scoring ones. Market Vision also highlights areas which deserve CMOs’ special attention: Underexplored niches and areas rapidly approaching saturation.

Precise Predictive
Trend Beneath Your Spend

The Trend Beneath Your Spend

Decisions for emerging markets can be confusing and messy. They needn’t be. Market Vision uncovers correlation and other variable-relationships that predict stakeholder behavior, and make marketing spend decisions less risky. Get to the bottom of underlying spend trends. With Market Vision, you get First Mover Advantage every time.

Our Global Presence

Market Vision serves markets in North America and Europe. Disclosure, privacy and spend categories differ.
What stays the same is how we give clients more than BI in each market.

Market Vision—North America

Market dynamics evolve. Stay ahead of KOLs, HCPs and HCOs with suspicious activity, and protect your Spend Activity from scandal fodder. Allocate resources better. Uncover emerging trends before they become the norm. Spend your budget safely and profitably.

Market Vision-EUROPE/EFPIA

Market Vision helps CMOs in EFPIA take decisions while shielding them from the risk of fallacies and heuristics. We circumnavigate variances in language, reporting structures, deadlines and privacy to give you insights at each instant.

Data Analysis-France

Aggregate Vs Individual Spend helps manage physician relationships better, and points the arrow towards healthier, more long-term engagement with Healthcare Entities.

Data Analysis-France:Access to datasets in France and the insights they present for a highly competitive market can transform your outlook towards the European Market.

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