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HCP Engage:
Helping You Manage Physician Relationships Better

HCP Engage is all about making relationship management a satisfying and enriching experience for pharmaceutical professionals and the stakeholders they engage with. This involves automating and visualizing activities that would otherwise tax the patience and resources of all healthcare stakeholders involved. Clients can collect and manage publication consent for Spend Data, view individual TOVs, acknowledge or resolve disputes related to them.

Consent Management

Consent Management

Consent Management can be frustrating: It can take time. It can be try patience. It can be expensive. Enter Consent Management. It removes reservations towards publishing consent, allowing consent collection digitally and manually (on paper). Removing any ambiguity associated with nomenclature or cultural specifics, this feature helps physicians better understand what’s required of them, and to navigate through each TOV (Transfer of Value) with clarity and independence. Why book an appointment when an email or phone call will do the job instead? With HCPEngage, it’s easier to send reminders, follow up on deadlines, and resolve physician queries and concerns. Save your own time and the physicians—to do what you do best instead.

Consent Management – Features For Pharma-Physician Win-Win

General And

Physicians may also limit or revoke consent by Period, TOV Amount or TOV Activity. Gives them flexibility, and equips manufacturers with material to publish data beyond the aggregates.


Consent may be provided manually, digitally, during F2F (Face to Face Meetings), as long as proof of granting consent is collected on the HCPEngage interface.

Customization By Language

HCPEngage’s trilingual interface (English, German, Spanish) means culture-specific nomenclature is minimized, as is the risk of misinterpreting spend data.


HCPEngage is mindful of its responsibility towards physicians and teaching hospitals. It protects their privacy as legally stipulated.

Dispute Management

Fact of life: Disputes happen. Second fact of life: Managed well, disputes give way to rewarding, long-term relationships.

HCPEngage has a built-in functionality that allows users to view, raise, acknowledge and resolve spend disputes. Physicians can scrutinize records listed against their name, verify and dispute them as their documents indicate. At each stage, they receive notifications—either instantly on their HCPEngage Dispute Management dashboards, and/or by email acknowledging the status of their spend dispute.

Dispute Management

Dispute Management – Features For Pharma-Physician Win-Win


Errors can happen, and anyone can make them. HCP Engage’s Dispute Management is the go-to solution when it comes to correcting errors arising out of missing or incomplete Physician Records.


Saving the need for copies-in-triplicate and other primitive record-keeping, digital records in HCP Engage bring ease and convenience. It testifies to the veracity of records, and helps you complete Root Cause Analysis.


With Dispute Management, clients can collect and process consent, and resolve potential disputes within a time-bound capsule. This make reporting efficient, and encourages limiting disputes to material value.

Facts First

Dispute Management allows both stakeholders—Physicians and Manufacturers—to be forthright in their transactions without fearing any negative consequences.

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