EFPIA Disclosure Analytics

Get EU data at your fingertips now

Top 5 reasons to use qordata EFPIA Disclosure Analytics:

  • Make data and analytics a foundation of your compliance program
  • Identify prescribing patterns, payment trends and draw conclusions
  • Independently test the correctness of your “disclosure” data PRIOR to adding it to your website
  • Detect the “Sham” in Speaker Programs
  • Competitor bench-marking and analysis

Features & Benefits

  • EFPIA all country data in a single repository with powerful analytics built on top
  • Pre-assembled and pre-matched data for every EFPIA reporting country and manufacturer
  • Compare and analyze spending across countries and companies
  • Drill down to MGU (zip code) to see where exactly is the money being spent
  • Ability to see spend accumulated for HCO and at HCP level
  • Pre-built visuals to help stay compliant with internal policies

Kick back. Relax. Sip coffee While Our Analytics Platform Does the Work for You.

Lack of centralized data repository is now a thing of the past. qordata EFPIA disclosure analytics becomes the first platform to provide complete EFPIA data in a single database with powerful analytics built on top.

Compliance teams can now use pre-built visuals to help stay compliant with internal policies on EFPIA.


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