Dispute Management

A user-friendly platform for pharma / biotech / medical device companies to engage their physicians for early and swift resolution of potentially disputed transactions

Physi-Engage Features

Fully supported SaaS platform with best in class domestic hosting

Secure login and account access

User-friendly interface

Physician access to data in visually appealing and easy to interpret reports

Physi-Engage Workflow

Our work flow is simple. Our team of data scientist and industry experts work closely to understand your needs and ensure a seamless and
systematic resolution of your business problems.


  • Before submitting spend data, pharmaceutical manufacturers need to provide a mechanism to physicians so that they have an ability to raise issue or dispute any spend information related to them.
  • Pharma manufacturers report Spend on Physicians who may not be thoroughly monitoring or tracking each of these transactions
  • This gives rise to a potential dispute between the two parties in case there are disagreements over incorrect reporting or improper classification of individual transactions before the submission of Spend reports.

qordata Solution

  • Physi-Engage is a Global SaaS adjudication portal that gives pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers an easy and powerful way to pre-disclose their Spend, to the Spend recipients, allowing the health care providers the opportunity to review and open inquiries about the Spend prior to reporting.
  • HCPs will have the knowledge of the Spend against their name and can raise a flag in case there is a difference of opinion or disagreement over any single transaction. Compliance office can investigate and resolve these disputes amicably before the final reporting/submission.

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