Consent Management

A complete consent management solution to effectively manage physicians’ consent and reflect accurate, timely and consistent information according to regulatory requirement

Consent Management Features

Fully supported SaaS platform at best in class hosting in EU (with possibility to host on premises)

User friendly web interface
for HCPs, tablet ready

Secure access provided with
encrypted data transfers

Multi lingual to cater
different national affiliates

Consent Management Workflow

Our work flow is simple. Our team of data scientist and industry experts work closely to understand your needs and ensure a seamless and
systematic resolution of your business problems.


  • The pharmaceutical manufacturers need to receive physician consent before publishing physician spend details. But only aggregate spend amounts can be reported for physicians who do not give consent.
  • EFPIA has encouraged manufacturers to make efforts to receive consent. The regulation also directs the pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide easy mechanism for physicians to revoke consent.
  • If a physician revokes his consent after the physician spend data has been published on the company website, the spend details must be quickly removed and only aggregated spend amount of the physician should be reported.

qordata Solution

  • Consent Management is a Global SaaS based consent solution that helps manage physician consent to meet the EFPIA transparency directive in conjunction with the Data Privacy laws in EU, by have an up-to-the minute record of physician consent. This in turn would enable to reflect the change in consent by promptly updating their reported data.
  • The solution is built taking three core aspects into consideration; the legal requirements set forth by the EFPIA transparency directive and EU directive 95/46 for data privacy, the business requirements that dictate physician engagement best practices, and finally the best in line technological components that helps to capture consent details not possible with the paper based form (geo co-ordinates and sign details).

Operational Modules

To effectively manage the consent as per the regulatory directives, the Consent Management Solution can be operated through:

Mobile App

Receive consent through a mobile device. The digital records are maintained with signature and supplementary information like place of consent, recipient of consent (account representative details), time, date etc


A toll free number allows physician to modify (revoke or grant) consents at any time by calling relevant department with supporting information. The system administrator is provided with an internal portal with up-to-date physician consent status and ability to administer the consent on physician’s behalf.

Extranet Self Service Portal

A user friendly portal access provided to physicians to keep track of their TOV (transfer of value), corresponding consent status, and update their consent if required.

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