Safer decisions, stronger spend insights

Claims and prescriptions. Reconciled.

Prescriptions made under Medicare Part D are particularly susceptible to kickback schemes, fraud and off-label promotion. With the volumes these prescriptions have, it’s difficult to keep sight of each transaction, or even levels of transaction. Until you get our solution.
Gain instant and complete insights on the number, volume and value of prescriptions. Conduct analyses based on drug, specialty and even location. And so much more. Learn everything you need to know about your spend data, instantly and effortlessly.

For Every Question, There’s An Answer (And An Analysis)

For Every Question, There’s An Answer (And An Analysis)

Get all your spend data—in one place and instantly. Conduct horizontal and vertical analyses, set your benchmark against industry and peer data. Study historical trends easily, gain insights on your own spend outliers, recording errors and trends. Whether you need a bird’s eye view of industry position in Medicare Part D, or a holistic view of your own performance, qordata’s Medicare Part D solution has it covered.

Secure And Assured

Every dataset we use is validated with numerous checks, so you can be assured of the accuracy and reliability of our figures: Record rows, and the visual representation of processed analyses. Can you proceed with a decision on your Medicare prescriptions based on what our dashboards show? Absolutely. Will they earn your confidence? 100% each time.

Secure And Assured
Proactive And Protective

Proactive And Protective

Want to avert CMPs arising from missing, incorrect or misleading data? Want to identify double entries or data oversights before CMS or the DoJ points them out? Everyone does. You too, we’re sure. Use our solution to clean, categorize, organize and analyze your data. Have analytics results before you need them. So that you have a strong, robust response to any compliance question—whenever, and wherever you need it.

Pharma Spend Analytics With All The Answers

Visually Appealing Datasets

Have your data presented in a variety of useful statistical tools. Scatter diagrams? Bar charts? Pie Charts. If you need it, the qordata dashboard has it.

Instant Insights

No more manual number crunching through millions of records. Get all the insights, error-free, instant and in one place.

Cross-Industry Comparison

Want to compare performance against a competitor or group of competitors? Keen to monitor intra-subsidiary performance? Need data for your own 5-year plan? This tool helps you stay ahead.

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