How Many Voted “Not Important” For Pre-CMS Submission Analytics? Why? Read On To Find Out

Putting outlook towards pre-CMS submission analytics to the test, qordata conducted a poll during its webinar earlier this month. The question was: “How important are analytics for reviewing spend prior to submission?” The results were unsurprising: 63% of participants believed using analytics prior to CMS submission was “Very Important,” with another 31% saying it was […]

Are Pharma Analytics On Your Company’s Radar? (Poll Results May Surprise You)

The landscape for Pharmaceutical Drug and Device Manufacturers in North America is changing, especially after the ratification of the  Sunshine Payments Act.  There’s more publicly available data for everyone—over 25 million records and counting—and much more public accountability accompanying it. Instead of waiting for competitors, the media,  Public Prosecutors,  or Civil Interest Groups to arrive at  […]

Global transparency compliance: Getting your data in order is necessary

Life Sciences companies are required by both the U.S. and global transparency requirements – a task that is not just complex, but ever-changing too. These requirements include the Sunshine Act, U.S. state laws and European laws, all of which deem it necessary for transfers of value made by pharma companies to physicians to be tracked and reported to the authorities.

Risk Focused Indicators: The Path Ahead For Compliance Leaders

The dialogue supporting Data Mining of sources such as CMS, Company’s commercial data, EU compliance data, clinical data, Medicaid, Medicare Part B and Part C strongly implies that a robust risk-focused future lies ahead for Compliance Professionals. How prepared are they in responding to such a future may be measured by their vision of data based alerts and triggers, and the structures they can access today.

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