Review & Audit Spend, Run Market Intelligence,
Manage Disclosure Transparency &
HCP/HCO Relationships with qordata

qordata Platform

The latest Pharmaceutical Compliance, Transparency and Analytics insights from around the world, now at your fingertips.
Get expert solutions to your specific Pharma Spend Issues.

Compliance Insights

Enjoy better performance in reporting, and strategic decision-making with qordata dashboards.

Market Vision

Compare and contrast, analyze and decide with the power of drill-down, multi-party analysis.

HCP Engage

Manage consent, disputes and spend reviews better with your healthcare counter party with this solution.

Compliance and Transparency, now within your reach.

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  • "Pioneering Business Intelligence for the Pharma Sector"

    CIO Review
  • "qordata comes in with a portal that organizes the data by physician, specialty, originating payer, geography and time…. qordata offers customized analytics solutions on top of the data"

    Pharmaceutical Commerce
  • "Open Payments Analytics provides new insight into the reams of physician payment data that, due to the shear file size, has so far been near impossible to achieve."

    Policy and Medicine

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